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"Ut equitas regno justitia sequitur"
When fairness predominates then justice follows.

I pledge, as Perry County Prosecutor, to be tough on crime, but fair in the way justice is administered. I will not practice favoritism in the handling of criminal charges. I will work closely with law enforcement to ensure that, when the evidence warrants it, charges are filed appropriately by my office. I will make it a priority to fully utilize the Drug Court Program for first-time offenders. I will keep crime victims involved in the judicial system as cases work toward resolution. I will prosecute those charged with serious offenses to the fullest extent permitted by law.

Most importantly, I pledge to have an open-door policy with respect to you, the people of Perry County. I will be accountable to you.

You have my word on it.

S. Rod Acchiardo


The office of the Perry County Prosecuting Attorney is charged with the responsibility of representing the State of Indiana in all felony and misdemeanor criminal prosecutions resulting from crimes committed within Perry County, Indiana.

The Perry County Prosecutor also enforces child support orders, prosecutes traffic and other infraction violations of state law, conducts juvenile adjudications and provides information and assistance to victims of crime.

Rod Acchiardo
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601 Main Street, Suite C
Tell City, Indiana 47586

Phone: 812-547-2750
Child Support: 812-547-7079

Fax: 812-547-0404

Crime Tips: 812-547-9563


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